Dr. N. S. K. Harsh

Dr. N. S. K. Harsh - M. Sc. (1978) and Ph. D. (1982) in Botany from Kumaun University, Naini Tal, India.
Retired as Scientist-G in Forest Pathology Division and Group Coordinator (Research) of Forest Research Institute (FRI), Dehradun, India and Dean (Research), FRI Deemed University, Dehradun

Fellow of Indian Phytopathological Society of India

Member of IUCN Species Survival Commission – “Mushrooms, Brackets and Puffballs Specialist Group 2017-2020”. Research Experience nearly 39 years

Publications - 178 research papers published in national and international journals, authored 8 books; presented 102 papers in Seminars and Conferences; more than 50 research and technical reports.

Major fields of research - Forest Pathology – diseases of nurseries, plantations and forests; wood-decay; control of forestry diseases including their biological control; Bioremediation of pollutants; Taxonomy of higher fungi – wood-decaying fungi, Ascomycetes, Gasteromycetes, mushrooms and Deuteromycetes, and Mushroom cultivation. Guiding research - 33 students for Ph. D. degree and more than 100 students from various universities of India for their M. Sc. dissertation work.

Teaching - forest pathology, microbiology and fungal biotechnology at post graduate level at Forest Research Institute Deemed University, Dehradun. Advisory services - for tree health to New Delhi Municipal Council, Delhi Development Authority, Archaeological Survey of India, Central Public Works Department, Bodhgaya Temple Management Committee, Sai Baba Sansthan Shirdi, Tollygunge Club Kolkata, state forest departments, Doon School, APSARA Authority Cambodia and Birla Lao Pulp & Plantations Company, Laos PDR.

Heritage trees conservation in the country and outside - Bodhi tree at Bodhgaya; Neem tree at Gurusthan, Shirdi; Vatvriksha at Kurukshetra; Rudraksh tree at Shantikunj, Haridwar; Environment Friendly Group

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